Will your business survive and thrive?

The best business leaders have seen that, in the midst of this pandemic, their companies are able to operate at an unimaginable pace and with so much resilience and creativity, so much so that they want to hardwire these behaviours into the organisation they lead to remain present even after the pandemic is gone.

However, not all companies are managing to adapt and seize the moment. Why is that? The main reason is that these companies are failing, in the midst of COVID-19, to address the below three core questions:

  • Who are we? Do we have a compelling, standout identity that attracts and inspires employees, clients, and partners? Do we convey why we exist through a resonant purpose, a strong value agenda and our unique culture?
  • How do we operate? Do we have a nimble, flat operating model in place that fosters teamwork and rapid decision making and that values and develops talent throughout the organisation—not just at the top?
  • How do we grow? Do we have a robust ecosystem that values internal and external partners, leverages data-rich tech platforms and is committed to doing whatever it takes to create and maintain a continuous learning atmosphere?

The companies that are working on giving right answers to the above core questions are the ones would will likely thrive in the Next Normal, as they have fast and flexible operating models underpinned by an unshakeable sense of purpose. Instead of control and hierarchy, they are cultivating collaboration and teamwork. These are the companies with leaders who are taking the time to provide meaningful targeted communication to their organisation. This is not about a pep talk. It’s about linking the purpose of the organisation to activities taking place right now. The companies that are going to thrive in the Next Normal have fast and flexible operating models underpinned by an unshakeable sense of purpose.

At EMCS we are constantly working with businesseses to help them take bold steps to reimagine their organisations—and the way they exist in the world—to reflect a new reality. We help them unleash the inherent power of their workforce by addressing the above mentioned three core questions and, in the process, help them find new ways to create, partner, experiment and innovate. Feel free to email me on silvan.mifsud@emcs.com.mt for a chat about this.

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