38% to decrease their spend this Christmas

EMCS conducted an updated survey on matters related to COVID-19 between Thursday 12th and Thursday 19th November 2020, whereby a total of 571 surveys were collected. The sample represents a 95% confidence level and a confidence interval of 4.1%.

Below please find the insightful results of this survey:-

•With 70% responses, the general public is of the opinion that the government is handling the economic situation caused by COVID-19 in Malta well, with 33% expressing positive views and another 38%% felt extremely positive.
•Conversely, 7% expressed negative views.
•A review of responses with the previous studies indicates that locals’ positive perceptions on the way government is handling the economic situation have increased, with results in line with peoples’ perceptions in May.
•With a total of 43% positive responses the majority of general public is, overall, not positive about how the government is handling the health situation caused by COVID-19 in Malta (21% expressing positive views and 22% feeling extremely positive).
•A total of 28% expressed negative views (18% expressing negative views and 10% extremely negative views).
•The survey evidences that results have remained practically unaltered over the past three months.
•There has been a huge increase in the negative perception from six months ago (May)
•67% of the population think that the measures imposed are NOT appropriate and sufficient to combat COVID
•45% of those interviewed indicated to be currently in employment.
•A total of 3% indicated to be currently unemployed.
•Of the unemployed (19 individuals) 32% indicated to have been made redundant following the COVID-19 outbreak.
•65% of those in employment indicated working in the private sector.
•25% of those in employment noted that they are currently working less hours a week as a result of COVID-19.
•With 83% responses (73% in September), locals are particularly worried about the health of their loved ones as a result of the current number of COVID-19 cases (with 15% indicating to be somewhat worried and 68% very worried). Such figures indicate an increase over the previous study with 2 out of every 3 very worried about the health of their loved ones.
•62% of those interviewed (57% last time round) are worried of their physical health.;
•59% are concerned for their mental health (52% in September). Such figure indicates that concern is gradually increasing over time (in August 45% were concerned);
•27% are concerned about their current financial situation – in line with the September study (then 28%); while
•12% are concerned of losing their job. Such figure being in line with September results (then 10%).
•64% of respondents indicated that they would take a COVID-19 vaccine, should it become available (though 28% did indicate that they would wait a few months).
•Responses vary when analysing data by gender with a higher percentage of males inclined to take the vaccine should it become available than their female counterparts.
•Furthermore, females are more unsure (28% vs 18% of males).
•Those aged 55 to 64 are more inclined to take the vaccine once it becomes available (74%).
•With close to 11% responses, those aged 25 to 44 expressed strongest views to not taking the vaccine.
•53% of respondents intend spending their Christmas at home alone/ with their partner.
•37% intend spending Christmas with the family/friends.
•6% are still uncertain how they will spend their Christmas.
•60% of respondents do not intend altering their spend over the Christmas period, when compared with last year.
•Conversely, 38% indicated a decrease.
•Among those that indicated a decrease in spend, 25% anticipate a decrease of 20%, while 31% anticipate the decrease to be as much as between 25% and 30%.

At EMCS we specialise in performing market research, with an experience ranging a long number of years and having conducted market research projects for various public and private entities. Feel free to contact me on silvan.mifsud@emcs.com.mt to have a chat on any market research need you have in mind.

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