Sources of Finance

The most popular source of finance for SMEs and family businesses is bank financing. You can read that latest statistics about the sources of finance for SMEs, HERE. Are there however other sources of finance which are not being explored or used enough?

The answer is Yes. The first port of call is the Prospects MTF market. This is intended for SMEs who want to look at alternative source of finance, outside bank financing. I strongly advice SMEs to consider this source of financing, as it is designed to cater for the needs of SMEs with a short go to market period. The process can also be a reality check for SMEs, to really check that their corporate governance and their strategies are in check. To read more about the Prospects MTF please click HERE.

Whatever, the source of finance, you business needs access too, you need to have your house in order. Moreover, you need to make sure you have a solid business plan. As I keep repeating, a business plan is primarily a strategic document and not just a financial forecast. The number you put in a business plan will mean nothing if not backed by the “how” those numbers will be achieved. I strongly believe that every business leader should be very well versed on what a business plan should include. Thus I invite you to attend these online sessions on what a Business Plan is about – click HERE to learn more on these sessions.

EMCS is an approved corporate adviser on Prospects MTF market and can provide a holistic service to make sure you are fully prepared to list your debt or equity security in the shortest time possible. We also specialise in drafting sensible business plans for clients seeking all types of financing, from banking finance to financing from various EU funded or local grants.

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