Managing Conflict in the Workplace

We have recently delivered a number of training and workshop sessions on how to manage conflict in the workplace.The feedback received was overwhelming. It really proved something we knew, that wherever persons are interacting and working together, conflicts will arise and sometimes it is inevitable. However, what we do to prevent conflict and then how we react to conflict and manage it, can make all the difference.

We devised our training to assure a gradual understanding of all areas pertaining to what conflict is about and how to prevent or manage it, using various inputs (presentations and videos) and also a case study approach.

Our training on this matter was designed to achieve the following outcomes:-

• Reduce anxiety and frustration about conflict.
• Avoid in having the negative consequences of resentment to fester, leading to long term consequences.
• Learn to use differences of opinion and conflicts constructively, leading to growth and creativity.
• Use proven strategies and powerful communication skills to prevent conflict.
• Learn what is your personal conflict management style and how to improve your reactions.
• Learn when to intervene and how to approach conflict resolution conversations.

Workplace conflict can trigger negative consequences affecting relationships. It can lead to a serious loss of time and energy or loss of valuable human resources, when there is a failure to address it competently, which would in turn effect business performance. Hence the importance of having the necessary skills in your team members on how to deal with conflict effectively.

At, EMCS, we specialise in designing tailor made training services that address the skill gaps of your team members. Our wide spectrum of experts within EMCS makes it possible to address a wide array of skills gaps from communications skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and financial skills, to mention a few examples. Please feel free to contact me on to discuss the training needs for your business team members.

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