Award in Leading a Family Business

As I have written in past Blog articles, I constantly see family business owners and leaders who could perform better if they are equipped with the right and much needed skills and mindsets. I see too many family business owners and leaders engulfed in micromanaging operational issues with no time to think strategically or to plan ahead. I see a lack of a data driven culture, whereby many family business either lack systems to collect data efficiently or otherwise have the systems but lack the time to analyse the data. I also see many family businesses who lack proper governance structures where decisions are taken by a single person or a few persons, with no proper checks and balances. The list goes on.

However, at EMCS, based on our vast experience in servicing and advising family businesses, we have setup an accredited course specifically for present and future family business owners and leaders. The course running with the title “Award in Leading a Family Business”, is accredited at MQF Level 5. This accredited course is unique as its the first accredited course which is specifically intended to train present and future family business owners, leaders and managers.

The ultimate aim of this course is to enable present and future family business owners and leaders to:

• Structure appropriately a Family Business
• Setup an appropriate governance system within a Family Business
• Analyse data related to the performance of a Family Business
• Setup and update a strategic plan with regards a Family Business
• Set up a Succession plan with regards a Family Business

Based on our experience we felt that present and future family business owners and leaders would benefit immensely if they equip themselves with the below skills:-

• How to choose the right ownership model.
• How to structure governance to make sure that sound decisions are taken in the best interest of the family business.
• How to setup a proper Strategic Plan and identify the difference between what is strategic and what is operational.
• How to make sure that the family business becomes a data-driven organisation, whereby decisions are taken based on timely data reporting and analysis.
• How family businesses need to prepare themselves for the succession planning journey.

The course will be split in 3 modules covering the following areas:-

Module 1: Ownership & Structure in Family Business

  • What is a Family Business and what makes it distinct?
  • How to structure a Family Business

Module 2: Strategic Planning in Family Business

  • The need for a Strategic Mindset
  • Setting a Strategic Plan
  • Executing a Strategic Plan

Module 3: Ensuring a Professional Setup in Family Business

  • Become a data-driven family business
  • Succession Planning
  • Having the right policies

All reading materials will be supplied with the course.

Anyone interested in attending this course kindly contact me on:

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